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Agro businesses

Agricultural businesses are the prototype of family owned businesses. Working and living together are closely linked in this sector and difficult long term decisions that influence both family and company can emerge at any time. Also, suppliers and industrial processors of agricultural and horticultural products often find their roots in farming. Consequently, their policies are based on the same traditions. All these businesses are facing more and more complex regulations, while adding to that a more pronounced globalization.

In order to make the right choices for today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, agricultural businesses need a solid partner that is closely affiliated with the industry. Somebody who is able to react quickly and accurately to complex legal issues, someone who is asking the right questions, makes in-depth analyses and takes responsibility for qualitative implementation.

Tiberghien combines comprehensive tax expertise (anything from consultancy to litigation) with advanced know-how in the field of (family) estate law. The team enforces a multi-disciplinarian, pragmatic approach in consultancy in order to meet the highest standards for a modern family owned business.

For over 80 years, Tiberghien has been counseling successive generations from different family businesses. Any legal advice is given with great consideration for future developments, not only in the field of tax law, but also on a wider social platform. We are happy to share our substantial network and sector-specific advice.  

We have actively counseled families in highly diverse industries in order to secure their company, today, and for next generations to come.

So, what can we do for you?

  • asset and inheritance planning, whether or not combined with control structures (holdings, civil-law partnerships, trust offices, etc.);
  • Transfer of businesses to a next generation or external party
  • assistance with the set-up of necessary corporate and/or family governance, such as external advisory boards, family forums, family charters, shareholders’ agreements, etc.
  • Consultancy in corporate tax, HR tax, Cayman tax, tax regularizations
  • family property law and family law (parentage, adoption, parental authority, custody, governance, marriage, divorce).
  • arrangements with the tax office, rulings
  • organising (e.g. annual) information and training sessions for young members of the family;
  • Investments.

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