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Estate Planning

Tiberghien provides tailored advice and all-encompassing solutions for bequeathments to charities and the transfer of assets and family businesses to the next generation, all the while taking into account the dynamics within the family across us.

We will meet you in all aspects that are important to you, from protecting your life partner, your (grand)children and your company to the good causes and other things you are passionate about.

Our Estate Planning team advises clients on all aspects of family property law and asset planning (matrimonial property law, gifts, inheritance law and -tax) in Belgium (on federal and regional level) and abroad, aiming to preserve private and company assets for the next generations.

We lend advice on:

  • prenuptial agreements and modifications of matrimonial property regimes;
  • gifts and entails; 
  • governance structures (civil-law partnerships, holdings, Dutch/Belgian trust office foundations, etc.); 
  • family governance – family-business boards and family charters; 
  • investments (insurance products, private equity, real estate, art, vintage cars, etc.); 
  • wills and agreements as to succession;
  • transfers of family businesses to the next generation;
  • inheritance disputes
  • formal ruling with the federal ruling commission, as well as the regional and local tax administrations;
  •  incorporation of family foundations, trusts and philanthropy
  • corporate income tax
  • Cayman tax (or look-through tax); 
  • HR tax law including employee and executive remuneration packages, stock option plans, tax law for sports people, etc.; 
  • voluntary disclosure
  • cross-border migration of individuals (global mobility); 
  • family law (parentage, adoption, parental authority, custody, governance, marriage, divorce), family law mediation and family law litigation; 
  • tax compliance (preparation and filing of tax returns), as well tax litigation before the tax administration as well as before the courts; 
  • conflict guidance and mediation;
  • economic analysis and valuations.

As lawyers, we also assist our clients in legal proceedings on all these domains, whenever they occur.

Our Estate Planning team consists of more than twenty lawyers and also has extensive experience in international asset planning and transnational disputes. Our lawyers are active in various (international) professional organisations where they are regularly invited as speakers.


Gerd D. Goyvaerts

Brussels, Antwerp

Alain Van Geel


Walter Verlinden


Griet Vanden Abeele


Romina Abiuso


Emilie Van Goidsenhoven


Elke De Leeuw

Senior Associate

Tim De Greef

Senior Associate
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