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Family Owned Businesses

Tax advice - Corporate and family governance for successful family businesses

Every family is unique and so is its business.

Family businesses not only need multidisciplinary advisors who give practical legal and fiscal guidance with regard to national and cross-border matters, but also ones who understand and respect the individuality and long-term vision of the business across them.

Tiberghien advises family businesses and takes into account the specific interests of the different actors within family businesses from concept to implementation, being the company itself as well as the family-member shareholders and any external parties behind the business. In our advice, we especially pay attention to the growing phase the company and its family are in, because a family business led by siblings has different needs from one that’s being managed by distant cousins, after all.

In their advice, our team follows a multidisciplinary approach in order to meet the needs of today’s family businesses to the greatest possible extent.

For eigthy years, Tiberghien’s lawyers have been giving consecutive generations of various family businesses advice that anticipates their future development, not only with regard to legal and fiscal aspects, but also on a broader, social scale. Our long years of experience have given us an understanding and feel for the challenges family businesses face and how to turn them into practical and workable solutions. Hence why we have assisted families all over the world in safeguarding their companies for today’s world and that of generations to come.

What can we do for you?

  • asset and inheritance planning, whether or not combined with control structures (holdings, civil-law partnerships, trust offices, etc.);
  • reorganisations (mergers, acquisitions, registered office relocations, etc.);
  • investment guidance (private equity, real estate, art, vintage cars, etc.); 
  • arrangements with the tax office, rulings
  • guidance and assistance on communication between the various generations of the family, between active and passive family members, between various interest groups surrounding the family business; 
  • assistance with family business transfers to the next generation; 
  • assistance with the set-up of necessary corporate and/or family governance, such as external advisory boards, family forums, family charters, shareholders’ agreements, etc.;
  • drafting of agreements concerning succession processes, external directors, dividend policies, the balance between active and passive shareholders, etc.; 
  • organising (e.g. annual) information and training sessions for young members of the family
  • conflict guidance and mediation (within or outside of the family business);
  • set-ups of family foundations, philanthropy
  • advice concerning corporation tax, Cayman tax (or look-through tax) and HR tax law;
  • tax regularisation support; 
  • support with cross-border migration and emigration of private persons; 
  • family property law and family law (parentage, adoption, parental authority, custody, governance, marriage, divorce).


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